Services for Corporations & Foundations

Catch It! You get lots of requests for help. You probably get solicitations for charitable donations or sponsorships all the time.What standards and guidelines do you use prior to making your donation?  Do you know if your charitable donations have impact?  Why do you invest in your local community?  Was the sponsorship worth it? What were the results? As with the non-profit world, so many decisions regarding charitable donations are driven by the best of intentions.  However, intentions, no matter how laudable, may not be the most effective way when considering how, when and where to spend your dollars.  Marks Mohn Associates will assist your team/board to define the objective(s) of your giving program.

  • Research and identify organizations that align with your values and reinforce your CSR
  • Find ways to build a long-term, strategic relationship with your selected charities
  • Look for nonprofit organizations where the reputation, demographics, and goals are compatible with your business interests
  • Multiply your investment by integrating charitable donations, corporate sponsorships, employee volunteerism, and executive expertise with marketing, advertising, and public relations dollars
  • Create the infrastructure. Determine internal procedures for corporate sponsorship and charitable donations
  • Track the impact of your donation. Oversee communication with charitable organization to assess results and determine measurable outcomes