Services for Non-Profits

bird_holding_fish_in_its_mouthYou run a great organization.  You have good intentions and use evidence-based practices.  Your programs address a crucial need in the community.  Of course donors will want to give to your charity – right?   Wrong! At Marks Mohn Associates we talk to many non-profits that are so busy meeting the needs of their clients that they have little time to create and maintain an effective development effort.  Today philanthropists are savvier than ever.  Competition for non-profit dollars is strong.  Although their investments are often driven by their personal interest, donors also look for a return on investment and ask questions about finance, impact and demographics served.  Are you ready to talk to one of your investors about why your organization is a sound investment? Marks Mohn Associates is here to help you improve your organization’s long-term sustainability.   We don’t just lecture.  We work side-by-side with your staff and board to get the job done right, on time and within budget.

  • Case for Support
    Essential to assist you in explaining the impact for your organization.  It steps through the need in your community, your solution to the need, why your non-profit is the best one to solve the need and the gap in your community between need and current funding.
  • Development Infrastructure
    A plan and timeline you can implement for everything from a fundraising budget to policies and procedures for database management and donor recognition programs.
  • Database Update
    Management oversight to help establish a current and consistent donor database.
  • Agency Readiness
    Infusing a culture of development into the organization-for board, staff and management – including message training and best practices for acquiring and stewarding new donors.
  • Awareness Campaign
    Creation and management of a plan for communications and targeted events to develop friend relationships in the community and increase PR
  • Annual Fund and/or Major Donor Campaigns
    Creation and management for a campaign plan with a goal, solicitation packet, appeal letters and training for key campaign volunteers/staff.